Handmade in Jacksonville, Vermont

At Live Wire Farm we are surrounded by the beauty of nature which has been inspiration for the creation of our products. We choose the best of what nature has to offer and with careful craftsmanship, produce end-products that are both unique and long lasting. We are proud of our products and have used them in our home and barn for more than twenty years.

During the annual harvest of firewood to help heat our house, we gather some smaller branches with an eye toward fashioning them into hooks, spoons, napkin rings and other products rather than leave them behind to decompose. Because all trees are individual and different, each hand-crafted piece will also be individual.

Our philosophy is to practice sustainable harvesting and work with nature to create long lasting, beautiful, and useful products for you to enjoy for many years and then pass on to future generations of cooks and households.

We apply a similar philosophy toward our beekeeping. In addition, repairing electric fence chargers is a better option rather than discarding them and buying new.